What is Virtual Reality?

It is an artificially created world with the help of computer technologies which is perceived as real. Sensations in VR are transmitted through vision, hearing and touch. In virtual reality it is possible to create any world

We are VRTech - the largest investment fund in Russia developing virtual reality technologies. Our Cinema VR project is the largest network of virtual reality halls in Europe. Cinema VR halls have the possibility of free movement, the latest technical

equipment and exciting, constantly updating content based on the latest Russian and world movies. Today we have 15 own and 2 franchise locations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar in main shopping malls and cinemas. And we are constantly growing in cooperation with majors.


CinemaVR location

Location features

Modular VR-hall

Price from $5 per session

Location hours : 12 hours

Number of players: 1-4

Max. number of visitors per day: 250 people

The square of the hall: 59/322 square feet

Content based on movies

Billing and monitoring systems

The possibility of putting panels

CinemaVR locations

List of Cinema VR locations

Franchise price

2 players

59 square feet

$ 3 500

Franchise price


$ 0,8 price per 1 game launch

(minimum $415 royalties per month)

4 players

322 square feet

$ 5 000

Franchise price


$ 0,8 price per 1 game launch

(minimum $580 royalties per month)


Projected revenue


per month

Projected costs

$ 2800

per month

Projected margin


per month

Projected payback period



Projected revenue


per month

Projected costs

$ 4000

per month

Projected margin

$2 830

per month

Projected payback period



You can buy equipment on credit

Franchise advantages

Access to the cloud information management system. The most important information for the owner and data for the location operators

Monthly free updates of content and software

Placement on Cinema VR site

A simple algorithm for calculating royalty: 80 cents for starting the game

Control room Cinema VR from the tablet

Free recommendations on media planning

Access to 24/7 support

Media support on Cinema VR resources

Free training and instructions for hiring staff , using equipment and software systems

Seminars for franchisees and participation in exhibitions under Cinema VR brand

Location configuration

Location gameplay and advert displays

Location computers

Gameplay admin monitor

VR headset and controllers

Announcement display


Tablet-based location management system

Sound system

Truss structure

The cost of Сinema VR equipment





59 square feet

$ 17 500

322 square feet

$25 800

Equipment for players: 2 (or 4) sets of computers with HTC VIVE, overlays for glasses, 2 controllers for each player

Farm: suspensions for equipment, furniture, electrician, a set of banners

Identity: a set of clothes for staff, printed flyers

Infrastructure: Uninterruptible power supplies, Internet equipment, control server, cameras

video surveillance, tablets for personnel, wires, fasteners, brackets, cables

Additional equipment: stepladder, fasteners, screws, brackets

Sound system: microphones, cables, mixer

Cinema VR location management

The cinemavr location is managed by the operator from the tablet

Process management on location

Ensuring the operability of the location

Game control

Saving information for analytics

Reception of tickets and registration of promotional codes

Network management

The rights to content management through cloud system

Content delivery

Reporting in all sections

Accounting with partners

Managing advertising content on the screens



Monitoring of equipment

Remote support system

Video surveillance system

Promo codes

Ticket selling

Information about the repertoire

CinemaVR content

We work with leading rightholders

We release games simultaneously with movies

The main advantage of the franchise is the regular updating of content developed by the CINEMAVR team in partnership with majors.

Games have been released for blockbusters "The Viking", "The Guardians", "Starship troopers", "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea". The games are being prepared for the launch of the films "Gogol", "Salute 7", cartoons "Smeshariki", "Masha and the Bear".

In the summer of 2017 the  world's first virtual reality tournament for the game REVOLVR will be organised.

The Viking

Action, adventure


The Pirates VR

Survival shooter


Lost frontier

Sci-fi shooter



Team shooter


Alfa Tactics

Multiplayer shooter

VR training


The Guardians

Superhero shooter

The Guardians 2

Underground lab

Superhero shooter





Also Cinema VR is a distributor engaged in the licensed distribution of third-party games , so more than 30 games are available  and the number is constantly increasing

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