Virtual showroom

Demonstration of objects from the early stages of construction

Increase in "visit-to-deal" conversion

Costs reduction in the presentation of the object

Several objects in one show-room

WoW-effect for customers

Increase customer loyalty

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New opportunities for customers

The client receives a completely new perception of the real estate object

Physically moves inside the virtual space

Feels the metrics of the premises

Can look at the view from the windows

Configures the interior

Makes comparisons

The product

Show room with VR technologies and motion capture

More than 1076 square feet of space for free movement in the virtual world

Completely recreated model of the property

RealTime designer finishing options

Interactive interaction with interior elements

Multiplayer mode

Showroom configuration

Detailed 3D model


VR server

Motion capture system

Smartphone as a controller for a manager

VR HMDs with controllers

Saas platform

Remote management of showrooms

Virtual showroom

Affordable solution for immersion

Movement tracking system

Smartphones with VR apps

Content server

The distribution panel

Distribution monitoring

VR HMD with motion capture sensors

VR app

Motion capture cameras


Motion capture server

Content management server

New content

Billing and aquaring

Indicators +CRM

Project with Barkli

Opportunities and advantages

VR matches with the real size of the apartment

Increase in the level of presentation of the object

Interior configuration

The window views correspond to the real ones

Increase in the purchase conversion

Integration with external CRM systems

Demonstration of the features of the property

Remote technical support

WoW effect for the client

Fast integration of content and installation of the showroom


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