Alex Morozov, Chief Marketing Officer of Neurogaming told VRFocus about CinemaVR platform 13.03.18 // VRFocus

A cloud-based solution, the platform services a completely cycle from the selection of an area, content management, location management, guidelines for assembly, a catalogue of available locations, personal training, help with marketing and a pipeline of content

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Neurogaming CXO Tamaz Murgulia about World of Tanks VR 07.03.2018 // VRFocus

VRFocus spoke in-depth with Tamaz Murgulia, Chief Experience Officer of Neurogaming about World of Tanks VR and how Neurogaming tackled it by looking at field of view (FoV).

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UploadVR: Neurogaming appears to be at the cutting edge of VR experience design 05.03.2018 // UploadVR

A next-generation system unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Read a new UploadVR article about PolygonVR.

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Neurogaming’s Take On VR Arcades Focuses On Social Appeal With World of Tanks VR 22.02.2018 // UploadVR

2018 is shaping up to be a big year for VR arcades and attractions, and a new player in the space is looking to find success with an approach that focuses on fun gameplay and multiplayer.

Cyprus-based Neurogaming is a joint endeavor made up of Wargaming — the group behind World of Tanks — and a venture funding group called VRTech. They’ve got a development office in Moscow and two demo offices, the first in New York. Together, this group is developing a number of VR titles alongside cloud services and hardware packages designed so operators can easily set up and run their own VR arcades.

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