Production studio

Production studio

What is VRTech production studio?


The VRTech production studio was created to piece out the lack of quality content for the VR industry. The wide possibilities of VR technology have changed the traditional view on products, design, training, the game industry but due to the relative youth of VR the demand for content remains extremely high.


VR technologies have the ability to demonstrate products from all sides. The motion capture system allows free movement and as a result a new reality is formed combining virtual and physical spaces.


The main task of the Production Studio is to develop content  that allows us to fill up this new reality making maximum use of the capabilities of VR technologies.


Within a year in our studio 14 pilot and presentation projects have been created. Also, 11 games for the CinemaVR project were launched, 9 of them are already in CinemaVR locations


action, adventure


Players in the roles of the ancient Vikings participate in a bloody battle on a naval ship - drakkar. They fight with swords and shoot arrows

Alfa Tactics

Tactical shooter


Competitive game for accuracy and speed of reaction for two players. The goal of the game is to score the maximum number of points. Compare the results at the end of the game

Lost frontier

Sci-fi shooter


Humanity has gone far into space exploration. We discovered the secrets of the nearest star systems and now we explore the remote corners of the known galaxy.


We are faced with an unknown threat. Remote outposts of the Space Federation do not show signs of life. The  Command entrusts the investigation of the incidents to the best fighters of the Federation known as the "Lost Frontier" group.


The team of brave men goes to a secret laboratory to find out about mysterious disappearances.


Who hasn’t been dreaming of becoming a pirate? Now CINEMAVR players have such an opportunity. Yohoho! In the story players are on a damned island and find a chest of gold. But not everything is so simple - monies must be protected from bloodthirsty skeletons. Take in one hand a gun , sword and defend your honestly looted gold from the army of skeletons




REVOLVR is a multiplayer game for virtual reality developed by CINEMAVR. Players in the roles of wild west cowboys compete with each other. Players shoot at each other from colts as in classic westerns. The man who shoots and hides better is the winner. The game session lasts for 5 rounds. The game happens in atmospheric locations: in a city street in the wild west, in the desert, in the saloon


Эпизод 1

Survival shooter


The game is based on the film "The Guardians" - the first Russian movie about superheroes.


In the second episode players can choose from two characters: Ler and Han. Han has two swords as a weapon. Ler, a stone man, can throw glowing stones at his enemies.


According to the movie , the superheroes descend on an elevator to a secret Soviet laboratory.


On each floor the characters meet with clones who must be destroyed. At the 0 level , players will meet with the boss


Эпизод 2

Survival shooter


Arsus and Xenia after being recruited into the ranks of the organization "Patriot" arrive on their first assignment - to the territory of the abandoned factory where the activity of the enemy was found out

Обучение VR

Survival shooter


The training for VR. Players learn the basics: moving in space, interaction with objects, shooting


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