What is VRTech production studio?

The VRTech production studio was created to piece out the lack of quality content for the VR industry. The wide possibilities of VR technology have changed the traditional view on products, design, training, the game industry but due to the relative youth of VR the demand for content remains extremely high.


VR technologies have the ability to demonstrate products from all sides. The motion capture system allows free movement and as a result a new reality is formed combining virtual and physical spaces.

The main task of the Production Studio is to develop content  that allows us to fill up this new reality making maximum use of the capabilities of VR technologies.


Within a year in our studio 14 pilot and presentation projects have been created. Also, 11 games for the CinemaVR project were launched, 9 of them are already in CinemaVR locations


action, adventure



Players in the role of the ancient Vikings participate in a bloody battle on a ship - drakkar and learn to fight with swords and shoot arrows.


Alfa Tactics

Tactical shooter



Competitive game for accuracy and speed of reaction for two players. The goal of the game is to shoot at targets, score the maximum number of points bypassing competitors in the final results.



Cooperative action about pirates. Players in the role of pirates of the Caribbean protect the looted gold from the army of skeletons. Location: tropical island. Game items: saber, pistol, bomb, mace.

Lost frontier

Sci-fi shooter






Multiplayer game for VR. Players in the role of wild west cowboys compete with each other in the ability of shooting. Players shoot from the colts as in classic westerns. The game session is divided into 10 rounds.


Shooter about space paratroopers. Players arrive on a planet that has been by alien creatures. Game item: laser rifle.


The Guardians

Survival shooter



The game is based on the movie "Guardians” - the first Russian movie about superheroes. In episode 1 there are two game characters: Arsus - the man-bear and Ksenia - the invisible woman. Location: abandoned factory. Game items: a machine gun, knives.

Education VR

Survival shooter

The Guardians 2

Survival shooter





The training for VR. Players learn the basics: moving in space, interaction with objects shooting from a pistol and bows.


The game is based on the movie "Guardians" - the first Russian movie about superheroes. In episode 2 there are two game characters: Ler - man-stone and Khan-ninja. Location: underground laboratory. Game items: swords, hot stones.



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