Industrial Solutions

VR for Industry

VR is more than just entertainment.

The VRTech Industrial business unit has deployed numerous virtual reality projects for corporate customers.

Training Solutions

Gamifies the delivery of information to better engage millennials.

Streamlines training and adaptation, improves the personnel’s communication skills, and makes business processes more manageable.

Provides interactive training materials for more effective teamwork.

Train Inspector

This simulator was developed for Russia’s Central Suburban Passenger Company to let its personnel experience the situations and behavioral models they encounter in their everyday work. Recreated in a virtual reality, they help test and train inspectors’ theoretical knowledge and practical abilities.

  • Improves the personnel’s communication skills.
  • Drills personnel on typical business processes.
  • Improves service quality and helps minimize conflicts.

Train Engineer

We have developed a virtual replica that masterfully copies the control systems and operating sequences of a real electric locomotive. Russia’s Central Suburban Passenger Company uses the simulator to train and test its train engineers.

  • Drills responses to emergency situations.
  • Uses itineraries that are as realistic as possible.
  • Spares the high costs of expensive physical simulators.

Ural 4320 Auto Mechanic

Developed in cooperation with Project-Technika, this simulator trains auto mechanics for Ural 4320 truck maintenance operations such as installing air filters, replacing the filter element, etc. The sequence of actions is shown in localizable pop-up labels.

  • Trains the sequence of actions required to repair complex machinery.
  • Enables personnel certification.
  • Minimizes service errors.

VR Demonstration

Allows you to show the arrangement of any complex system without using physical models.

Makes personnel training faster and more effective.

Allows selling and tracing the demand for services that have not been launched yet.

Railway Station

Demonstrates the buildings of a generic railway station, new train design, high service level, and new amenities available.

  • Users become more familiar with the infrastructure of a station and how the transport company’s business works.
  • They can buy a ticket and travel from one station to another.
  • The system allows fine-tuning the business processes demonstrated to adapt it to target audiences across the world.

VR Engine simulator
A virtual-reality turbine

This is a high-detail 3D model of a real aircraft engine. Users get to view and examine the engine from different angles.