Marketing Solutions
VR solutions for marketing

Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever.
Marketers have to find new solutions to engage, surprise, and ultimately sell.

There are two ways to impress a client:

01 Make advertising campaigns more interactive.
02 Make communication more personalized.

Both are easily doable with VR technology.

Here are some recent statistics which prove that your marketing team should get VR-savvy:

The VR industry is projected to be worth approximately $34 billion by 2022.

The number of VR headsets sold will reach 82 million by 2020.

170,000,000 people will have used VR in 2018, compared to just 200,000 in 2014.

62% of consumers are more likely to cooperate with a brand that provides a VR experience.

71% of consumers perceive brands that use VR as forward-looking and reliable.

VR Perfomance
New format of customer communication. Entertain your audience and let VR technology showcase the best your products have to offer.

Increase customer loyalty

Showcase product features

Create a newsworthy event to engage new audiences

Bosch advertising campaign

We made a simple one-level game for Bosch, where you have to clean all the dirt and catch nasty bacteria that are hiding in the room.

Bosch case study:

  • More than 3,500 people
  • More than 350 gaming sessions
  • Duration: 4 days

Eyes of Icarus VR set

A daring experience in the Empire Tower. Visitors put on Gear VR glasses as they enter the elevator, and the modern technology magically turns a 700-foot ascent to the Moscow City museum into a breathtaking flight over the Moscow skyline. The flight continues inside the museum: Various VR sets of the Eyes of Icarus series let visitors fly over the city’s landmarks such as Gorky Park, Zhivopisny Bridge, and others.

An experience to remember

  • See the whole city while flying over it like a bird.
  • The program combines public art, kinetic sculpture, virtual reality, and various educational formats.
  • First of its kind in Moscow.

Сar showrooms in VR
Car dealership is physically unable to present all possible car accessories. Clients visit different salons in search of the most appropriate model or are willing to wait for the delivery of their dream car from a factory. All that consultants can do is to suggest to a potential buyer to imagine the same car but "with these discs", "in this color", "with this salon". VR car showroom makes it possible to create desired car in real-time and to evaluate its appearance.

100% realistic graphics and completely reconstructed materials: leather and plastic.

The ability to choose a model, color, tires, discs and interior trim.

Increase in average conversion by 15-25%.

Car showrooms

VR is an innovative solution to showcase and sell cars.

A virtual configurator allows the client to see a specific car model and pick its modifications, color, and accessories in a fully immersive virtual reality environment.

  • A showcasing and upselling tool for sales managers
  • A basis for digitally transforming and streamlining your sales performance
  • Gets clients more interested in buying a car

Real Estate VR Showrooms
When the building is under construction, however you already need to earn money, your competitors can equip the office and start to sell the real estate using pictures. Conversion of such deals is minimal: buyers are doubting. What if it's not like on the picture? What if it's not comfortable inside? How to imagine the view from the window? Answers to these questions they will easily receive, if they come to get acquainted with their new apartment in virtual reality.

Physical movement through virtual space with a sense of volume and area.

In real time user can choose the future colour of walls, furniture and witnessed a view from the window.

The opportunity to visit the future apartment can close most of the future objections. Conversion reaches 25%.

Real Estate VR

Display your real estate property in virtual reality.

This virtual showroom allows you to showcase your property from the early stages of construction. Customers get a completely new experience in browsing real estate, where they don’t have to pick from among finished apartments, where there’s always something missing. They can create their new dream home and find out its price right away.

  • Make property demonstrations less expensive
  • Improve the visit to transaction conversion rate
  • Wow your customers