FLOW is being aprobated at the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation in Moscow


Stress management platform FLOW is being aprobated at the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation in Moscow

Moscow Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation and the laboratory of psychopharmacology of the Research Center for Mental Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences started a joint VR-project.

The project studies the potential of the virtual reality system as a therapeutic technology for patients with various manifestations of stress, maladaptation reactions, anxiety disorders, cognitive disorders, and asthenic syndrome.

The innovative solution is implemented by means of virtual reality (VR) at the intersection of digital and physical spaces. For relaxation, the phygital capsule FLOW is used. The study involves volunteers from among the clinic's patients undergoing neurorehabilitation. The study was approved by the local Ethics committee of the Center and integrated into the general rehabilitation plan of the clinic.

Psychotherapy as a form of mental and physical health care is closely related to the cultural and technological context. Today, innovative technological solutions come to the aid of specialists. They model traditional relaxation and meditation practices and supplement the therapy process with new possibilities.

The team of specialists from the Center for Speech Pathology and Research Center for Mental Health is monitoring changes in the somatic and mental state of the patients. Participants fill out special questionnaires before and after the VR-relaxation session, where they assess the level of anxiety, cognitive functions, fatigue symptoms and answer questions about general well-being and mood.

FLOW is an ecosystem that consists of phygital capsule for relaxation in virtual reality, mobile application and a special platform for data collection and processing. Relaxation options were developed by professional psychologists and cognitive scientists that are specialized in such kind of practices. FLOW helps to restore psychoemotional state, increase motivation and efficiency, prevent a burnout.

The VR-content for stress management platform FLOW was designed by VRTech Group.

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