VRTech Group sits at the cutting edge of the fast-developing world of virtual reality. The company uses the most advanced VR technologies to offer businesses bespoke solutions across various industries.

Based in Amsterdam, VRTech develops custom VR simulators, training systems and virtual sales platforms which are designed to improve the performance of the workforce contributing directly to success of their clients. Having experienced a rapid growth, VR Tech aims to become a world leader in VR technology and solutions.

VRTECH's business units

VRTECH FUND Manages the group’s corporate portfolio, acceleration, partner networking and strategic business management.
VRTECH DEVELOPMENT The Group's technology hub that manages the IP stack, scouting, procurement and R&D.
VRTECH CONTENT LAB A creative studio that oversees the existing portfolio and develops & acquires new content for our solutions.

Creating immersive user experiences based on advanced technologies
is crucial for every business to keep pace with the modern digital world

Virtual Reality [VR] is instrumental in reimagining the way users interact with content across various industries such as entertainment, engineering, architecture, real estate, marketing and many more.

While VR presents a wide array of opportunities for businesses to create commercially efficient products and services right away, there is also unlimited room for experimentation and discovery with as yet uncharted rewards.

We invite you to join the global VR community today and become the trendsetter, not the follower.


VRTech Group's innovative solutions — PolygonVR and CinemaVR — aim to reimagine the location-based entertainment sphere for players, content and location owners offering the future of VR entertainment and much more.

Location owners enjoy our easily scalable business models that help generate additional traffic.

Content owners and producers get an advanced content distribution and management system that helps to reach and connect broader audiences.

Players enjoy an unprecedented VR gaming experience provided by PolygonVR and CinemaVR, building up the loyal customer base.


A universal platform combining VR games, Reality TV and eSports.

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Enriches location-based entertainment with an incredible VR technology that people around the globe are so excited about. It's the innovation that the arcade market has been waiting for.

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VR is not only about entertainment. VRTech Group has a proven track record of successful implementation of virtual reality solutions for industrial application which can be divided into two major groups:

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Helps engineers, designers and maintenance technicians to learn how complex machinery works, what it consists of and how to maintain its proper operation without the need to disassemble the actual product. This makes education much more cost-efficient.

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Are focused on providing in-depth training for personnel in the operation of both communications and technological products. The simulators we provide help improve learning and qualification, reduce maintenance costs and mitigate human factors in real-life operational risks.

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VR is a powerful tool for immersive brand and product communication. It engages the audience in the way one couldn't imagine before — the consumer can interact with the product, gaining unforgettable experience in a virtual reality environment.

VRTech has successfully integrated VR in brand communication for several companies in consumer electronics and real estate. We've clustered our VRCommerce solutions into two major groups:


Helps introduce VR into the brand's ecosystem with solutions for product presentations, events, promotional activities and even sales.

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Allows users to familiarize themselves with new products like cars or real estate without the actual product present. The experience is customized in accordance with user's expectations, thus improving the sales process.

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Art VR is a collection of art-themed virtual reality solutions. The project promotes education, creativity, collaboration, and popularization of art.

Working together with art experts, we create VR that does more than just entertain. Participants of ArtVR “virtual master classes” learn the intricacies of creating a work of art by diving into the painter’s idiosyncratic reality.


Visitors can create still lifes using virtual items they see, coming up with their own compositions and colors. People get a chance to unleash their imagination and experience true creative freedom.

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Providing urgent care in virtual reality

VR simulator for providing urgent care in virtual reality is created for medical staff and students of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. The simulator is an educational module of continuing medical education portal of the Ministry of Health. After completing the course students receive an educational certificate. Project is developed with the participation of experts with long-term experience in the medical field and can be used for both learning and skills testing.

Conducting a fire drill in shopping center in virtual reality

VR simulator for training students how to act in case of fire in buildings with massive presence of people is developed together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. The student finds himself in a virtual shopping center. He needs to climb to the last floor and remember the location of emergency exits. A fire breaks out. User’s goal is to consistently perform a series of actions (right and wrong) to evacuate from the premises in time. At the end of the session, in case of failure, user analyzes his actions and can try to escape again.

Edvard Munch in ArtVR

Tretyakov Gallery and VRTech present a new ArtVR experience «Edvard Munch: The Scream of Nature». The project is dedicated to works of the Norwegian expressionist artist and is timed to the exhibition, which runs until July 2019 in the Engineering Building of the gallery. Visitors of the museum in Lavrushinsky Lane will be able to immerse themselves in the work of the painter, comprehend the features of his artistic manner and feel the atmosphere of the creation of his works.



New trend in the art world

A virtual reality specialist website VRFocus describes how ArtVR works. The media underlines the new trend that museums and art galleries follow: they use immersive technology to better engage with visitors and reach new audiences. The VRTech Group and Tretyakov Gallery cooperation is a success story.
30.07.2018 // BBC

BBC about ArtVR

BBC wrote about ArtVR project, developed by VRTech and distributed by Neurogaming: Visitors to the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow are using virtual reality to explore the studios of two 20th Century Russian artists. Wearing a VR headset, users can create compositions, put colours on a canvas and upload the result to social media. When users wear the VR headset, they can walk around the recreated studios of Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevich.