VR TECH GROUP unites innovative companies that build projects in fast-growing virtual reality markets, from industrial to entertainment solutions.

We bring the most advanced technologies and immersive VR experiences to consumers, brands and business.


VRTECH FUND is responsible for the Group's corporate portfolio, acceleration, partner networking and strategic business management.
VRTECH DEVELOPMENT is the Group's technology hub that manages the IP stack, scouting, procurement and R&D.
VRTECH CONTENT LAB is the Group's creative studio that manages the existing portfolio, develops and acquires new content for our solutions.

Creating immersive user experiences based on advanced technologies
is crucial for every business to keep pace with the modern digital world

Virtual Reality [VR] is instrumental in reimagining the way users interact with content across various industries such as entertainment, engineering, architecture, real estate, marketing and many more.

While VR presents a wide array of opportunities for businesses to create commercially efficient products and services right away, there is also unlimited room for experimentation and discovery with as yet uncharted rewards.

We invite you to join the global VR community today and become the trendsetter, not the follower.


VRTech Group's innovative solutions — PlayVR and PolygonVR — aim to reimagine the location-based entertainment sphere for players, content and location owners offering the future of VR entertainment and much more.

Location owners enjoy our easily scalable business models that help generate additional traffic.

Content owners and producers get an advanced content distribution and management system that helps to reach and connect broader audiences.

Players enjoy an unprecedented VR gaming experience provided by PlayVR and PolygonVR, building up the loyal customer base.


A universal platform combining VR games, Reality TV and eSports.

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Enriches location-based entertainment with an incredible VR technology that people around the globe are so excited about. It's the innovation that the arcade market has been waiting for.

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VR is not only about entertainment. VRTech Group has a proven track record of successful implementation of virtual reality solutions for industrial application which can be divided into two major groups:

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Helps engineers, designers and maintenance technicians to learn how complex machinery works, what it consists of and how to maintain its proper operation without the need to disassemble the actual product. This makes education much more cost-efficient.

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Are focused on providing in-depth training for personnel in the operation of both communications and technological products. The simulators we provide help improve learning and qualification, reduce maintenance costs and mitigate human factors in real-life operational risks.

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VR is a powerful tool for immersive brand and product communication. It engages the audience in the way one couldn't imagine before — the consumer can interact with the product, gaining unforgettable experience in a virtual reality environment.

VRTech has successfully integrated VR in brand communication for several companies in consumer electronics and real estate. We've clustered our VRCommerce solutions into two major groups:


Helps introduce VR into the brand's ecosystem with solutions for product presentations, events, promotional activities and even sales.

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Allows users to familiarize themselves with new products like cars or real estate without the actual product present. The experience is customized in accordance with user's expectations, thus improving the sales process.

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Neurogaming at Game Developers Conference 2018 21.03.2018

VRTech and Wargaming joint venture showcases its entertainment VR solutions at the world's largest game industry event. Neurogaming presents alpha version of its first game World of Tanks VR, PlayVR platform and PolygonVR. The expo takes place in San Francisco on March 21-23, 2018.

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New VR-showroom by RealEstateVR: new tracking, low price 26.02.2018

RealEstateVR presented a new technology for creating virtual showrooms on Mobile World Congress on February 26 in Barcelona. The product was named VREstate.

The principal innovation of the VREstate virtual showroom is a wireless positional tracking, developed by Antilatency startup. Virtual showroom tracks the movement using markers mounted on the mat. The marker reader is in the VR headset.

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Wargaming blasts into the VR market with World of Tanks VR 23.01.2018

Newly formed Neurogaming will create the ultimate experience of intense tank combat in virtual reality

January 23, 2018 — Wargaming and VRTech announced today the formation of Neurogaming, a global, location-based VR gaming provider with in-house technology and content expansion. The first game under development is World of Tanks VR where Wargaming brings the intense combat from its massively multiplayer online game to a completely new platform.

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22.03.18 // VR-premium applications in an ideal environment

German game magazine interviewed WARGAMING.NET founder Viktor Kisliy about a massive update of the “Tanks” and, of course, he didn't leave out World of Tanks VR.

The interview in German, but Google can help you. This is really interesting.

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13.03.18 // VRFocus

Alex Morozov, Chief Marketing Officer of Neurogaming told VRFocus about CinemaVR (renamed as PlayVR) platform

A cloud-based solution, the platform services a completely cycle from the selection of an area, content management, location management, guidelines for assembly, a catalogue of available locations, personal training, help with marketing and a pipeline of content

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07.03.2018 // VRFocus

Neurogaming CXO Tamaz Murgulia about World of Tanks VR

VRFocus spoke in-depth with Tamaz Murgulia, Chief Experience Officer of Neurogaming about World of Tanks VR and how Neurogaming tackled it by looking at field of view (FoV).

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05.03.2018 // UploadVR

UploadVR: Neurogaming appears to be at the cutting edge of VR experience design

A next-generation system unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Read a new UploadVR article about PolygonVR.

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22.02.2018 // UploadVR

Neurogaming’s Take On VR Arcades Focuses On Social Appeal With World of Tanks VR

UploadVR, a highly respected specialized media, tested World of Tanks VR.

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