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FLOW is being tested at the National Medical and Surgical Center named after Nikolay Pirogov 08.02.2021


Stress management platform FLOW is being tested at the National Medical and Surgical Center named after Nikolay Pirogov

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FLOW is being aprobated at the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation in Moscow 06.02.2021


Moscow Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation and the laboratory of psychopharmacology of the Research Center for Mental Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences started a joint VR-project.

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Improving a public speaking skill in a virtual reality 25.01.2021


Moscow Metropolitan Governance University named after Yury Luzhkov in cooperation with a creative team of VRTech Group designed a VR simulator that allows to improve a public speaking skill.

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VRTech Group has designed a VR content for stress management platform FLOW 21.01.2021


FLOW is an ecosystem that consists of phygital capsule for relaxation in virtual reality, mobile application and a special platform for data collection and processing

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VR history of a legendary truck GAZ-AA 20.01.2021


By the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II in 2020, VRTech Group has represented the history of the legendary truck of this war — GAZ-AA 


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VR presentation of the new “Sapsan” for Russian railway company “RZD” 20.01.2021


VRTech Group has developed a VR presentation of a new high-speed train “Sapsan-3”.

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Real team building in virtual reality 19.01.2021


Multi-user VR simulator for efficiency evaluation of a team named VR Team building. The project was executed by VRTech Group in 2020 for the Laboratory of “University 20.35 ”.



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Diagnostics of English language proficiency in virtual reality 14.10.2019


A virtual English language proficiency testing simulator for secondary school pupils has been developed on request of Moscow Center for Quality of Education. The user gets access to a realistic virtual environment, cafe, office or gym, and all the necessary context for simulating live communication. While a student speaks English with a virtual character, the program evaluates the phonetic and grammatical features of speech, checks the correctness of the answers and indicates errors in a real-time.

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DealCore Properties and VRTech to open a large-scale virtual reality real estate showroom in Toronto in 2020 14.10.2019


Next year, a Canadian real estate consultancy DealCore Properties in Toronto and a Dutch virtual reality company VRTech will be opening a VR venue in Toronto. It is to become a Retail shopping centre, entirely in VR, for pre-construction property available in the local market. Visitors will be able to browse through condos available for purchase prior to being built, walk around them in VR and adjust details such as lighting, flooring, cabinetry and countertops. The venue will be the first of its kind in the world.

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Conducting a fire drill in shopping center in virtual reality 19.06.2019

VR simulator for training students how to act in case of fire in buildings with massive presence of people is developed together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. The student finds himself in a virtual shopping center. He needs to climb to the last floor and remember the location of emergency exits. A fire breaks out. User’s goal is to consistently perform a series of actions (right and wrong) to evacuate from the premises in time. At the end of the session, in case of failure, user analyzes his actions and can try to escape again.



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Edvard Munch in ArtVR 05.06.2019


Tretyakov Gallery and VRTech present a new ArtVR experience «Edvard Munch: The Scream of Nature». The project is dedicated to works of the Norwegian expressionist artist and is timed to the exhibition, which runs until July 2019 in the Engineering Building of the gallery. Visitors of the museum in Lavrushinsky Lane will be able to immerse themselves in the work of the painter, comprehend the features of his artistic manner and feel the atmosphere of the creation of his works.

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The Tretyakov Gallery and ArtVR announce the launch of a new project 09.04.2019

Tretyakov Gallery and VRTech Group, the largest developer of virtual reality technology and content, announce the continuation of work and the launch of a new project of ArtVR. A new virtual experience is dedicated to the painting «Morning in a pine forest» (1889) by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832-1898), an outstanding Russian landscape painter. Visitors of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val will be able to immerse themselves in his work, grasp the subtleties of his artistic manner and feel the atmosphere of creating the famous painting.

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VRTech Group opens VR showroom in Singapore 26.03.2019

VRTech opened a showroom of virtual reality business solutions in Singapore. Inside the showroom visitors will be introduced to developments in the field of VR training (soft skills and operation simulators in Virtual Reality), marketing (car showrooms and real estate showrooms) and entertainment content. The main task of the showroom is to promote VRTech Group products and services in the Asian market.

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Neurogaming presents RevolVR 2.0 13.11.2018

Neurogaming, a world-renowned virtual reality technologies and content developer, announces the sequel of its celebrity game RevolVR. The game was totally recreated starting from scratch: now it has new characters, new weapons and completely new game design. RevolVR 2.0 premiere will take place at IAAPA Attractions Show in Orlando, Florida (November 13-16 2018).

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Neurogaming gets the Halo Awards 2018 prize for its PolygonVR 29.10.2018

Neurogaming, a leading developer of virtual reality technologies and content, got the honorable prize at VR Days 2018. The company is ranked among the best developers of LBE VR games. Its PolygonVR – a multiplayer gaming arena – got the bronze prize by Halo Awards in location-based gaming category.

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Neurogaming launches a VR Entertainment Park in Amsterdam 25.10.2018

Neurogaming, a leading developer of virtual reality technologies and content, has entered into a partnership with VR Gamehouse – the biggest VR LBE provider of The Netherlands. Together they launched a fully immersive virtual reality entertainment park called “VR Gamehouse Arena”. The location is equipped with advanced hardware that runs the latest versions of PlayVR and PolygonVR gaming content. It is open for both consumers and corporate clients.

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Neurogaming is named The Rising VR Company Of The Year by VR AWARDS 2018 17.10.2018

Neurogaming, a leading developer of virtual reality technologies and content, is thrilled to announce that it got the prestigious award “Rising VR Company of the Year” by VR Awards 2018. The ceremony took place in London on 16th of October. Neurogaming was recognized as the most promising startup of the year offering best-in-class VR technologies.

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Exit Reality Debuts PlayVR Turnkey LBVR Solution for the Out-of-Home Entertainment Market 12.10.2018

Exit Reality, a leading location-based virtual reality platform solutions company, announced its partnership with Neurogaming, a world renowned virtual reality technologies and content developer. Together, they launched the new multiplayer unit X Arc, a turnkey VR gaming solution that is packaged with Neurogaming’s PlayVR content platform and optimized for the out-of-home entertainment industry. Currently only available in Europe, the X Arc brings PlayVR’s content library to the U.S. market, along with a wide library of exclusive VR content, including Alpha CentaVR and RevolVR, and fan favorites such as Beat Saber.

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Neurogaming will present its platform VR gaming solutions at Europe Attractions Show 2018 17.09.2018

Neurogaming, a leading developer of platform virtual reality gaming solutions, presented its latest LBE offerings at Europe Attractions Show 2018. The event took place in Amsterdam on September 25-27th. Both PolygonVR and PlayVR platforms had great news for European gaming market to share.

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World of Tanks VR has been chosen as the "Best VR/AR" at gamescom 2018! 27.08.2018

Neurogaming announced the release of the latest version of World of Tanks VR at gamescom2018. The update features two playing modes; team vs team (team deathmatch) or a mode in which all the players are fighting against each other (deathmatch). The newly added map features a bright summer setting and takes gamers to a fresh location featuring an ancient castle surrounded by impressive mountains.


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Neurogaming in VR Awards 2018 Shortlist 13.07.2018

VR Awards’ experts shortlisted VRTech joint venture Neurogaming for Rising VR Company of the Year nomination. There are also two Neurogaming games in Out-of-home VR Entertainment of the Year category: the ultimate fully-immersive VR-experience PolygonVR and next-generation installment of the world-famous armor-centric video game World of Tanks VR.

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First World of Tanks VR Tournament finished 09.06.2018

Since May 11, thousands of participants from Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Alexandrov, Blagoveshchensk, Abakan and Khabarovsk conducted fierce virtual battles and figured out in the network of the PlayVR halls, which of them will become the best in VR. 32 fighters came to the Final today. Dmitry "Vilial" Badaykin from St. Petersburg received the main prize - UAZ "Patriot" World of Tanks Edition. Dmitry Taranov from Saratov took the second place, becoming the owner of the HP Omen gaming laptop. Kaplan "Itachi" Izhayev from Kislovodsk came on the third step of the podium and received the virtual reality system HTC Vive Pro.

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New company in the VRTech family: now virtual reality captures art 01.06.2018

VRTech Group is thrilled to announce the launch of the world’s first fully immersive virtual-reality-enhanced exhibition: ‘’Goncharova and Malevich: In Three Dimensions’’ celebrating the legacy of the founders of Russia’s avant-garde movement, Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevich. 

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People in more than 30 VR-arcades in Russia will fight for a month. Each battle can involve two to four people. The players’ ratings are calculated after each game based on tanks destroyed, damage dealt, maximum time spent alive, and accuracy. The main prize is UAZ Patriot WoT Edition.

The website of the tournament is here: The final battle will take place on June 9 in VRPark City in Moscow with the live stream.

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Today at VRLA festival Neurogaming solves venturesome task: players in four cities with full-immersion equipment will fight in virtual reality. People from Los Angeles, New York, Moscow, and Amsterdam will interact with each other in the game with full-body tracking. It became possible because of Neurogaming’s breakthrough platform named PolygonVR.

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VRTech and Wargaming joint venture showcases its entertainment VR solutions at the world's largest game industry event. Neurogaming presents alpha version of its first game World of Tanks VRCinemaVR platform and PolygonVR. The expo takes place in San Francisco on March 21-23, 2018.

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RealEstateVR presented a new technology for creating virtual showrooms on Mobile World Congress on February 26 in Barcelona. The product was named VREstate.

The principal innovation of the VREstate virtual showroom is a wireless positional tracking, developed by Antilatency startup. Virtual showroom tracks the movement using markers mounted on the mat. The marker reader is in the VR headset.

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Newly formed Neurogaming will create the ultimate experience of intense tank combat in virtual reality

January 23, 2018 — Wargaming and VRTech announced today the formation of Neurogaming, a global, location-based VR gaming provider with in-house technology and content expansion. The first game under development is World of Tanks VR where Wargaming brings the intense combat from its massively multiplayer online game to a completely new platform.

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The final game of the all-Russian VR-tournament RevolVR was held in Moscow on December 23, 2017. RevolVR tournament was organized by Wargaming and VRTech.

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VRTech showed the possibilities of its developments at the Dubai Film Market on December 8-11, 2017 during the Dubai International Film Festival.

VRTech Marketing Director Alexey Morozov spoke at the panel discussion "The Third Dimension: Innovations in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality" on December 7. He talked about VR as a social experience and a need for VR infrastructure in Russia. "VRTech aims to make VR experience valuable for the player," Morozov said.

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